Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Languages - One year certification course - Step in the right direction

The Magadh University is introducing a one year certificate course in various languages in the morning shift particularly to cater the people in the army, banks, hotels and private sector jobs. The languages that are likely to be taught are Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German and Spanish. I think with this most major languages used in developed and emerging economies are covered.

This is a great step being taken up by the University as it will have a multifold advantage:

1. Enhanced tourism: Tourists will feel more comfortable coming to Bihar as they would know that they can communicate in their own language. Infact someone with an entrepreneurial mind can start a tourism venture (A Packaged Tour company) offering packaged tour services for citizens of a particular country, lets say Japan. The Japanese known for their penchant for international vacations every year, do not particularly visit India so often. However this packaged tour company can tie up with a Japanese travel company to attract tourists to Bihar. So besides having such great tourism spots like the ones mentioned below to show the tourists, the tourism company can cater to these tourists in a language they speak by getting people trained in the Magadh University

Nalanda University, Pawapuri, Tutla Dam (grand canyon of India being developed by the tourism department), Mahabodhi Temple and all Budh temples , Sher Shah Mausoleum
Barabar Caves , Kesariya Stupa (this is an amazing recent discovery and tourism can be greatly enhanced by marketing this well), Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public , Maluti, etc (And I might not be aware of many other possible tourism sites).

2. Hotel industry: The hotel industry will have an advantage in catering to the visiting tourists.

3. Private industries: In this era of globalization more and more people will be involved in international trade and may work in countries outside of India. Thus knowing one of these additional languages can be a great boom for the people. Infact students can pursue these languages alongwith their regular studies.

Thus I think this is a step in the right direction. People should take advantage of it and strengthen their foundation and the foundation of Bihar.

More details can be found in the Times of India article MU academy offers courses in foreign languages

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