Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is Bihar making progress - Poll

I had started a survey many months back to get people's view whether Bihar is actually making progress consistently. The poll has closed in July 2009 after being open for 6 months and I am happy to declare the results

11% - People who felt that Bihar was not making progress.
1% - People who did not know whether Bihar was making progress or not.
87% - People who felt that Bihar was indeed making progress.

Thank you everyone who voted in this poll.


  1. From: Ravi Verma, Chappra


    Dear Prashant Ji

    Thanx for posting this survey on this group. On Sundays I take full rest but there was an urgent work so I started my computer and checked my mail and your mail forced me to write on this issue because this is a positive thing, we Biharis are (who are associated with any Bihari group) very much concerned about our motherland and you have done a tremendous job.

    Coming on your mail, You have chosen the exact word "Progressing" . In Bihar there is common feeling among people that there are many developmental works are going on and Bihar is Developing. We Biharis are so much development hungry that we cannot differentiate between "VIKASH" and "PRAGATI".

    Right now Nitish Ji (Respected CM) is only doing state building work, development will follow later. Look at Roads, Hospitals, Educational System each and every section is progressing in constant manner. And when these will reach at par with national standard then development will took place.

    Good work, keep it up.

    Ravi Verma

  2. From: Abhijeet Kumar

    Hi All,
    With due respect to all Biharis, especially those of you who are living in Bihar. I think more than Bihar now the Biharis need to change, and their mentality needs to be changed. Now in last few months there have been a lot of news about the Strikes in Bihar. I think the people should change and let the development work continue. They should understand that if they are not helping in improving Bihar at least not hamper others efforts by such stupidity.

    Abhijeet Kumar

  3. Dear Ravi Ji,
    I would say that any improvement in infrastructure is development. Because with new infrastructure coming up, the local people get opportunities to work which improves their financial capabilities to some extent. With increased financial capability, these people will spend more than what they did before and therefore someone gains from this expenditure agian. This starts off a whole cycle by which a lot of people benefit. This is what I think development is as the cycle keeps on repeating with more and more people involved in the cycle.

    I think all this infrastructure development activities are one of the reasons for the Grameen Rojgar yojna being successful in Bihar. I would congratulate Nitish Kumar for one important thing. He is laying a good foundation of development which is required for the pragati of Bihar.


  4. Hi Abhijeet,
    You are right. Mentality has to change and its not going to be easy specially after the situation that the people in Bihar have been for decades. However as people realize the larger impact of the development work, the petty oppositions (which more often than not are inspired by political motives) will wane away. Today more people are thinking that we have to change than ever before. This was ably demonstrated by people in the Lok Sabha elections and you will see more and more intelligent choices made by people over time. These kind of changes rarely happen overnight. Just give them time and at the same time do your bit to fasten the change.


  5. All,

    About the original message about 87% of Biharis felt about Bihar prgress, I agree. Much more efforts require to make Bihar in top 5 states,
    1) Electricity
    2) Law n order (improving), congrats to our CM
    3) Industry (so that more and more talents can contribute towards development of Bihar)
    4) Education (improving), IIT opened, congrats
    5) Medical facility (improving), AIISM is on way.

    Thanks everybody, situations now improving.

    Best Regards,

    Shyam Kumar Sinha | Senior Consultant
    Capgemini India, Bangalore

  6. Shyam ji,

    Thank you for your mail.

    In my opinion three area is important:

    1. Real work to develop food processing to help farmers.
    2. Infrastructure development keeping in mind of high rain and flood.
    3. Developing complete education system in primary and middle level to build foundation. We talk about changes in mentality etc. This can be changed only with "real education" and not with current education system.

    I think govt is doing fairly good keeping in mind of previous govt. Only thing is that he need to keep good people near to him that is missing these days.

    Best regards,
    Ranjeet Kumar
    Steering Committee
    Biharbrains Development Society

  7. Ranjeet, appreciate your comment!

    Definitely lot of efforts requires for the development of our state, it will certainly take some times, +ve part now, our current govt doing well.
    * About farmer, in our state, either they suffer from flood or from drought, that's a curse from god. When our state CM will be free from some of top priorities difficulty (like law n order), then they should go for permanent solution of drought by water conservation/hydro electricity etc.

    * In my opinion, change of mentality is associated little bit with self dependence, if we have roti, then only we can go for education, it hardly matters what has been written on paper/told in english/hindi TV channel.

    * To get roti, govt has to industrialize the region (by investment from industry), subsidize the agriculture industry, so that labor should be utilize within the state (like China). Our labors are developing other states because we don't have sufficient utilization for them. I am not against of nation but fact is, labor from our state are not getting proper respect even, even though, they are contributing much in development of many states so to nation. Even politically, they had not been given proper protections sometimes.

    Best Regards,

    Shyam Kumar Sinha | Senior Consultant
    Capgemini India, Bangalore

  8. Ranjeet and Shyam,
    Both your view points are correct. I think investments into agriculture, tourism and industry is definitely required to put Bihar in the accelerated growth mode.

    Bihar government has been trying to attract investments into India which is a very good sign and with the improved law and order and security and road infrastructure we will see an increase in industrial investments. But this will take time to bear fruits as industrial investments normally take time to mature. The government should not only make efforts to attract more investments but also provide the right kind of support in getting these projects implemented in the shortest possible time keeping in mind the best option for the people of Bihar.

    However there are two areas in which Bihar can immediately start reaping more benefits with investments from the Bihar / Central government and lesser dependence on investors: Tourism and Agriculture.

    There are many places that can be converted into tourism attraction easily and Bihar can earn much more revenues from tourism than it currently does as pointed out by Ranjeet. With relatively lesser investment and in shorter duration of time, Bihar can attract much more revenues which can be ploughed back in the development of Bihar.

    Bihar mainly being an agricultural economy (and that can be said about all India as 70% of Indian GDP is agriculture and related industries), it is of prime importance to strengthen the investments in agriculture such that our farmers are negligibly effected by climatic adversities. On one hand certain districts are suffering from no rain and on the other hand some districts are suffering from floods. The Bihar government should immediately start investing in infrastructure which would allow the excess water, from areas that get flooded, to be used for irrigation in the areas where there is no rainfall. It is important for the sustained growth of Bihar, that the government over the next 2-3 years makes concerted efforts to bridge this gap between dry areas and flooding areas. Bihar will be so much more economically stronger if this is done.

    Even though 70% indian economy is agriculture based, the investments in irrigation projects is very low even though the investments in agriculture development fund is Rs. 3.25 lakh crores. The government of India is only investing about Rs. 1000 crores on irrigation projects which in my mind should be increased and implemented on a war footing in all agricultural economies of India.


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