Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Elections 2009 - Please vote

It is the time when we are given an opportunity to choose what should happen in Bihar. It is the time when we choose where we want progress and development in Bihar or whether we want a decline and further degeneration of Bihar.

Not many of us like to read or hear something like these
  1. Most Indians looked at Bihar in the way that the world now sees Pakistan— a failed state, where nothing ever works and anything can go wrong.
  2. A FEW years ago a senior advocate during a Supreme Court hearing, casually remarked that a particular government should not suffer from the `Bihar Syndrome'
  3. Right or wrong, in the public eye Bihar has come to symbolise a land of "no opportunity" or one of "unequal opportunity", a `failed State' where poverty and extreme inequality abound.
  4. The disintegration of the Bihar units of the national political parties into caste-based caucuses has turned Bihar into a failed state.
We have an opportunity: An opportunity to choose growth over decline, an opportunity to choose progress over degeneration, An opportunity to choose prosperity for the state and it's people.

All the people who are in Bihar, please make use of this opportunity. Please use this opportunity to vote for properity and happiness.

Most people on these groups are educated and know what is good for the state. But there are many people in Bihar who are not. Many people in India need a guidance. Let's all become a guidance.

Let us all call atleast some people (5-10 or even more) we know and ask them to vote. Let us educate these people to vote for growth and prosperity.

Please use this opportunity to educate people to
rise above caste systems to choose the good of Bihar and the good for people of Bihar. Please educate them to vote for the candidate who has the most potential for developing the region and the state. Choose politicians who have atleast some record of helping the growth in the state. Please educate the people not to vote for candidates who have been MPs for 1 term, 2 term or 10 term if they have not brought progress to the state.

Caste Politics is killing us: The more people you can get to rise above caste politics and not vote for a candidate only because he is of their caste, the more chances are that progress will be made by Bihar.

I am calling up my cousins and relations to caste their vote and choose progress and prosperity in Bihar. Are you also doing it? If not, please do so. Remember we will not get another similar opportunity for another few years and if Bihar doesnt grow we will be responsible to a considerable extent.

Hence everyone, do caste your vote and do urge others also to do so.

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