Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Per Capita Income surprise

I was a bit surprised on the per capita information for Bihar and decided to do some research. I did find some relevant information on Rediff.

Quoting verbatim from the article "According to the State Directorate of Economics and Statistics, per capita income at current prices for Bihar was Rs 9702 for the year 2006-07, while Delhi was at the top with Rs 66,728, the data submitted by State Minister for Statistics and Programme Implementation G K Vasan said replying to a question in the Lok Sabha."

The article can be found at

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One interesting piece of information is that Bihar’s per capita income is only Rs. 300 as per the whereas the national average in India has crossed Rs. 24,295 (Adjusted for inflation, etc). This shows the kind of disparity that multiple governments in Bihar have created. This also shows how much more work has to be done in Bihar before it can even come to parity with the country’s average.

I hope the developments happening in Bihar pick up more pace and Bihar is able to catch up and grow into a prosperous state. Let us all support the people who support the development and progress of Bihar.

I am attaching the article which describes the per capita information of India.

The article about Bihar’s per capita income being Rs. 300

The per capita income of India in real terms (at 1999-2000 prices) during 2008-09 is likely to attain a level of Rs. 25,661

The statistics for the country can also be found on the Central Statistical Organization.

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  1. Found one more article on the newspaper Live Mint's website which was published on 21st January 2008. As per this article, the per capita income of Bihar was Rs. 6610 for FY 2007 and growing at only 3.7%.

    Quoting from the article "Development plans in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are yet to take off as they remain at the bottom of the pyramid with lowest per capita incomes of Rs12566, Rs10637 and Rs6610 growing at the slowest rates of 2.9%, 3.1% and 3.7% respectively." This is according to an Assocham Eco Pulse (AEP) study on ‘States performance in per capita income’. The article can be read at

    However, it will be interesting to know what is the per capita and growth rate of Bihar one year later i.e. today and I will post it once I find it.


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