Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bihar's Super 30 - Merit knows no barriers

30 successful underprivileged budding IITians from Bihar. (Linked Youtube video)

Bihar's Super 30 provides free coaching for IIT for the underprivileged students from rural Bihar. Super 30 is the brain child of Anand Kumar and Abhay Anand and they have been highly successful in their quest for getting opportunity access to these underprivileged children. Anand Kumar was selected to the Cambridge University himself but couldn't not take up the program because he did not have the funds. Now he is involved in philanthropy along with Abhay Anand.

This time all 30 students of Super 30 have succeeded in making it to the IIT. The unique part is that 14 of these students are from the backward class quota but decided not to avail the quota and appear in the general quota. Our young brigade is proving to the world that they are very much adept at facing the challenges from anyone and everyone and coming out on the top.

As we can see, talent is plentiful in Bihar. They just need guidance and shown the right direction.

Some Thoughts

Besides competing in these exams one of the important aspects which would be useful to the students in Bihar is the command over spoken English. It is a very important area for students to be successful in every sphere of life. The Bihar government has taken initiatives that will improve the literacy rate in Bihar and we will have more students who complete their Plus 2. The next step should be improving the command over spoken English. This initiative should be taken on early in school life so that students from Bihar do not have language barriers and challenges in their career and growth prospects.

Some Suggestions

I have a thought. Maybe something can be done at the Super 30 institute itself. Maybe someone who has good spoken English skills can volunteer to coach the students at the Super 30 institute. This way at least these students can really achieve the fruits of their remarkable achievements. Other alternative could be that someone sponsors spoken English education for the students at Super 30 (anyone willing to do so should directly approach Anand Kumar and Abhay Anand who run the Super 30 coaching institute).

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