Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Backdoor entry into the Parliament

Ram Vilas Paswan, till a year back would have never thought that he would have to use a back door entry like the Rajya Sabha to get into the Parliament. The man who created records after records in winning elections has once again managed to hoodwink the people and get back into the Parliament. This time people did not want him to represent them in the Parliament, but our political system is so politician friendly, that one way or the other people find a way to be in it again. So did Rajiv Pratap Rudy get back even after loosing elections.

Our Political system needs a revamp. Any person who looses a Lok Sabha election should not be given a chance to sneak in back doors for atleast 3 years, if not 5. I am not judging  whether a politician is good or bad: that is for the people, who vote, to decide. So we should atleast respect the decision of people.

I know, some good people would be left out, but atleast our politicians will know that without delivering on their commitments and promises, they cannot expect to come back and hoodwink the people.

Interesting article - State going the Bihar way?

Bihar in the news again... this time being quoted by a Karnataka Minister in one of his address.

State going the Bihar way?

M B MARAMKAL, TNN, Jun 16, 2010, 10.37pm IST

MYSORE: It was a time when politicians from state and other states speaking about development used to quote the name of Karnataka and termed it a "developed state." They even used to caution people not to allow the state to go the Bihar way -- which was part of `BIMARU' (connoting sickness) states. BIMARU was the short form for Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh.

Today, the situation is reversed and now the opinion about Bihar among the politicians has not only changed, even development there in the recent years under the leadership of Nitish Kumar seems to have caught the attention of leaders from Karnataka forcing them to quote Bihar in their speeches.

Addressing the lawyers at a seminar `Development and role of lawyers in it' organized by the BJP legal forum, minister Suresh Kumar extensively quoted the Bihar model and the development path adopted by it.

Revealing the changed law and order situation in the state and how it has paved way for the people visit and invest in the state, Suresh Kumar said: "It is amazing that Bihar has recorded a highest growth of 11.3% behind 11.5% recorded by Gujarat. Recently, I was on a visit to Bihar to participate in BJP's national executive and I was told that 47,000 cases in various courts have been ended in conviction. Of these, 5,000 have been convicted for life," he said, pointing out that the lawyers and government played a role in paving the way for development. Not only should the government strive to improve the law and order situation, the leaders in it should think over various issues related to land, investment and providing facilities to people particularly living urban agglomerations.

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