Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pre-poll movements of Politicians (Are they the leaders we want?)

Think how much ever, I could not come to a conclusion on the good or bad of the pre-poll dynamics that happened in Bihar. Thinking more from the Nitish Kumar government factor, I could not determine whether it was a good move for the JD(U) to take so many politicians from different parties into JD(U) and even give them party tickets for the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Was this a right move?

Some ex-ministers or existing ministers of JD(U) were not given tickets and they defected to other parties. I am not sure about the reason behind them not getting tickets Were they a road block in the JD(U) 's (read the Bihar government's) efforts to develop Bihar? Were they non-performing ministers? Or was there some other rationale for their not being given tickets? Or was it merely to accomodate defectors?

Does anyone have a better understanding of these dynamics and whats is happening? I would love to hear about this to improve my understanding of the political environment in Bihar.

At the same time I also was wondering if the JD(U) was right in not giving a ticket to George Fernandes or was it just a difference of opinions between two main leaders of JD(U) which resulted in him not getting a ticket. Or is George Fernandes's health really a problem for his active functioning in the role of an MP. Would appreciate if anyone could explain this?

Many leaders switched over to RJD, Congress, JD(U) and LJP just to get party tickets for Lok Sabha. Apparently these leaders only think for themselves and do not have loyalty to any ideology or any party. Will these leaders even think of doing anything for Bihar if they don't see any gains for themselves? Should we even elect such leaders to represent Bihar at the National level?

Above all, are these good omens for Bihar?

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