Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Congratulations Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi has come out a clear winner in this election. People from all segments, castes and religion have supported him and BJP+ to make Narendra Modi the PM. Everyone has great hopes on Modi that he would change the situation in India.

I have heard Modi specifically speak about developing states like Bihar and UP. I hope that Modi will quickly fulfill his commitments of developing Bihar at a rapid pace without letting the opposition that he has faced from JDU or other parties come in the way of development.

People in Bihar have voted for Bihar's development and have therefore supported Narendra Modi and now its time for Modi to justify the faith the Bihari people have shown in him.

May Narendra Modi succeed and may Bihar develop rapidly. 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Bihar Economic Survey 2013-14

The Bihar economic survey for 2013-14 is out. Clearly, the political maneuverings have taken a toll in Bihar's Growth story. While the GSDP and Per Capita income has increased, it has not increased at the same rate as before even though the industrial growth percentage is significantly higher than during the economic survey of 2012-13.

Key highlights:

  1. Per Capita Income:
    1. The Per Capita Income of Bihar has grown to Rs. 28,317 in 2012-13 , vs Rs. 25,653 in 2011-12. 
    2. During the same periods the per capita income of India was Rs. 68,757 in 2012-13 vs Rs. 60,972 in 2011-12 (12.76% increase)
    3. Bihar's Per Capita income grew by 10.4% vs 12.8% for India in the last one year of comparison
    4. Thus the political in-fighting has taken a toll on Bihar.
    5. The Per Capita income of Bihar today stands at 41.2% of India's per capita income whereas in 2006-07 it was 32.2% of India's per capita income
  2. GSDP
    1. The estimated GSDP at current prices in 2012-13 is Rs. 3.09 lakh crores vs Rs. 2.53 lakh crores in 2011-12
    2. The GSDP at 2004-05 prices in 2012-13 is Rs. 1.65 lakh crores vs. Rs. 1.52 lakh crores in 2011-12
  3. Best and Worst districts by GDP: In 2010-11, Patna (Rs. 57,483), Munger (Rs. 21,019) and Begusarai (Rs.18,447) are the most prosperous districts of Bihar. On the other end of the ranking ladder, the most economically backward districts are Sheohar (Rs. 6209), Banka (Rs. 7764) and Madhepura (Rs. 8102).
  4. Industrial Sector Growth rate
    1. The industrial sector growth rate stood at 17.1% in 2012-13.
    2. This is higher than 9.5% in 2011-12, however lower than 28.4% achieved in 2010-11.
  5. Roads: 
    1. The total length of roads in Bihar stands at 1.62 lakh KMs in 2012-13 vs. 1.23 lakh KMs in 2011-12. These include rural unpaved roads.
    2. Bihar has a road length of 174.88 kms. of road  per lakh population in 2012-13.
There are many more details about the economic status of Bihar and the details can be found at the Bihar Government's Economic Survey Report for 2013-14.

How will 2014 unfold for Bihar

The last one year has seen a very tumultuous political climate in Bihar and there has not been much talk of developments though some news or the other trickles in. However, the focus has been the JD(U) - BJP split and the Nitish - Modi spats.

There is a lot to talk about on these spats but then none of them is focused towards Bihar's growth or development and hence my blogging had ebbed to one of the lowest in 2013. However, as time goes by and as the government in Bihar is able to prioritize focus on development and de-prioritize the Nitish - Modi Spat or the JD(U) - BJP split, I think there would be more to write about Bihar this year.

Hoping for the best for Bihar's development this year. May the wheels of development catch speed and may Bihar develop more and more this year. 

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