Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Will Ego end Nitish Kumar's Political Career.

It was not too long ago when Lallu Prasad had lost 2 successive state elections and his party was almost decimated from the face of the earth. People were happy with the developments that started taking place from 2005 onwards: lesser crimes, reduction in kidnappings, roads getting built, teachers getting appointed, etc;  all the right steps started being taken... People were happy that the jungle raj of Lallu was over and most people thought it was the end of the road for Lallu.

And then something happened that should not have happened. Nitish Kumar started thinking that the improvements in Bihar were a one-man show and that all credit went to him: EGO became big, so big that Nitish thought he could win Bihar elections on his own; he forgot that it was a team effort in building Bihar and turning it around from being a BIMARU state to a developing state. Nitish started focusing on building his base and thus he started taking in criminals and anti-social elements into the JD(U) before the elections. Not only that but also based on caste calculations he started wooing the Muslim voters;  so much so that he broke away from the NDA citing Modi as a reason. During this time he had also escalated the demand for special status for Bihar... but there was no development happening.. the road making had propped up Bihar's economy as much as it could, but further growth needed further development efforts which was not coming.

All this continued happening and like many people I continued to support Nitish, giving him the benefit of doubt. But with the political drama unfolding, I like most other people have become disenchanted by Nitish... Just because of his lust for power, control and autocracy, he forgot the real reason he was the CM: that he was an alternative to Lallu Yadav that people saw , he was hope for a Bihar turnaround and thus people voted for him.So much so that I felt that if Nitish won a second term and continued to focus on Bihar, no one would be able to turn back the development juggernaut of Bihar. But it appears that I was wrong.

Nitish himself has brought the growth story in Bihar to a halt. All that has been happening in Bihar in the last 3 years plus, is pure politics and no development. By partnering with Lallu, Nitish has shown that he is hungry for power and can go to any extreme to do that. Had it been just for Bihar's development, I would have been okay with it. But it's visibly not so.

Nitish appears to have deviated from the path he should have been on. By tying up with Lallu, he is only digging his grave. All is not lost though. There is still a possible chance for Bihar to continue developing and that is for Nitish to get back together with BJP. I agree the possibility is very low... But for Bihar , I am willing to bet on this small possibility. Bihar needs Nitish to be together with BJP... Can he see it.. can he see his political uncertainty and more than that can he see the demise of development in Bihar. Can he leave behind his ego and see things in the right perspective. Can he focus on the development of Bihar... Can he do what is in the best interest of Bihar... before it is too late... Time will only tell.

But in all this, may Bihar win and get a CM who will focus on developing Bihar and bringing it on par with India.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Where is the growth story of Bihar?

It's 2015 and I have not heard or read of any significant growth story for Bihar in the last more than a year. All I hear is about petty politicking. One party snaps (JD(U)) ties with another (BJP) and then takes the support of the very party (RJD) it fought against all this while. Not only that but RJD was also responsible for the state of affairs in Bihar during its rule of 15 years and still JD(U) aligns with it. And now, they are now talking of a merger...

And then a CM is propped up who is now doing everything in his power to remain the Bihar CM even after the next state elections and that too at the expense of the very person who made him the CM.

But all these political gimmicks has impacted the growth story of Bihar. Infact, for almost the last 3 years, there really hasn't been any development of sorts in Bihar. What are the people of Bihar going to do now... Even Nitish Kumar who looked like the torch bearer of development is Bihar has sidelined his focus onto political existance. Hardly does he realize that people loved him because he was bringing growth and if they see that he is not focusing on growth for Bihar at all, then the people of Bihar will not support him as they did before.

All these politicians just take the people for granted. Nitish, in his angst against Modi, did not see that people of Bihar voted for the BJP to see a BJP government in the center and would have voted for a JD(U) government for the state just because of Nitish's development in the first 6-7 years of his government. However, with the getting together of JD(U) and the RJD, Nitish has probably lost the chance he had to win the state assembly elections. Politicians have to realize that they cannot continue to take people for granted or expect them to vote based on past laurels.

Hence its time for Bihari politicians to come out of their politicking and focus on Bihar's development... This is what people of Bihar care for and this is what the people of Bihar want.

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