Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starting New Year 2012

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012 to everyone.

I thought the best way to start the new year is by writing about the person who is one of the primary reasons why we all talk and discuss about Bihar - Nitish Kumar and then posting an interview given by him on the 1st of Jan this year.

A little about Nitish Kumar



Nitish Kumar

Nick Name



Father’s Name


Late Shri Kaviraj Ram Lakhan Singh

Mother’s Name


Late Smt. Parmeshwari Devi

Spouse’s Name


Late Smt. Manju Kumari Sinha

Date of Birth


1st March, 1951

Place of Birth


Bakhtiarpur, District – Patna, State – Bihar

Marital Status



Date of Marriage


22nd February 1973

No of Children





B. Sc. (Engineering)



Bihar College of Engineering, Patna, Bihar



Teetotaler , does not drink or smoke

Key Roles

27/5/2000 to 20/3/2001


Union Cabinet Minister, Agrculture

20/3/2001 to 21/7/2001


Union Cabinet Minister , Agriculture with additional charge of Raiways

21/7/2001 to 21/5/2004


Union Cabinet Minister, Railways

3/3/2000 to 10/3/2000


Chief Minister of Bihar

24/11/2005 to 24/11/2010


Chief Minister of Bihar

26/11/2010 to date


Chief Minister of Bihar

I am pasting the interview given by Nitish Kumar to Times of India. Happy Reading


Q. Your clean image and popularity is rare for CMs from Bihar. Many now say they hope to see you as PM some day.
I have no interest in moving out (from Bihar) to Delhi, and do not even dream of becoming PM. I am satisfied serving the people of my state. `` Bihar ki seva, desh ki seva hai (The service of Bihar is service of the country). I am a grassroot socio-political worker and my feet are firmly on the ground.
Q. Are you satisfied with the performance of your administration?
I am a hard task master, not easy to please. And there is so much to work upon still that the day I say I am satisfied, work will come to a standstill.

Q. What was the biggest challenge that you faced when you took over as CM?
When I took over six years back, Bihar was a lawless state and nothing seemed to move. But I succeeded in establishing the rule of law and people are witness to this enormous change. Problems were aplenty but resources limited. We had to work against many odds, the toughest being the law and order situation.

Q. Bihar is still grappling power shortage and lack of foreign investment . How do you plan to address them?
We are doing our bit to to create a favourable atmosphere that will bring in big industries soon. Labour migration has been checked. When power generation starts, they (industry) will be attracted. If the Centre accords us special category status, there will be a network of industries in Bihar and investments will flow. We have already changed it from deindustrialization to reindustrialization . We have turned a `Bimaru' state into a healthy state but the medicine for sound health is with the Centre.

Q. What are the dreams for Bihar that remain unfulfilled ?
If dreams are fulfilled, people will stop dreaming. I have many: improved connectivity between every corner of the state with Patna; to see students and scholars coming back to the old centre of learning, Nalanda, and I dream of the revival of the old glory of Bihar.

Q. What would you have been if not a politician?
I took an engineering degree and joined the State Electricity Board, but almost halfheartedly. My first day in the office was the last. The political life always interested me. I am not in politics by fluke.
Courtsey - Times of India's article I dream of the old glory days of Bihar and Bihar Government's official website

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