Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knowledge about entrepreneurial opportunities in Bihar - Important!!!

Friends - Make an impact.

One of the things that I realized is that we have hundreds and thousands of people from different places in Bihar scattered around the world who would have immense knowledge about various places of Bihar. This collective knowledge can be a very useful source for people (Biharis and non Biharis) who might be interested in investing in Bihar.

For example, Litchi is a specialty fruit that grows mostly in China and in Bihar. If some people take up entrepreneurial ventures and are willing to invest in organized cultivation of Litchis and some marketing efforts in other states of India, Bihar could easily become a a dependable supplier of the highest quality Litchis to all over India and subsequently abroad too.

Or for example Bihar has an abundant supply of limestone which can be converted into some interesting business ventures.

While the Bihar government is doing what it can, we can also help.

Many of us cannot contribute to the growth of Bihar financially by bringing in investments, but we all can still contribute and make a much bigger impact by bringing in ideas and suggestions. These ideas and suggestions can be very useful in attracting investments and we all individuals will have made a substantial contribution to the growth and success of Bihar.

Hence this is what I am suggesting and asking all the people of Bihar who are interested in its growth : Start putting in ideas about how and what investment can be made in Bihar and where in Bihar, that can be successful and beneficial.

Thus I would request you to provide your ideas as comments to this blog article. This way everyone who needs information can access it from here and there can be a central repository for ideas and thoughts. I have put together a simple template here.

Template for submitting your ideas.

1. Location (Place/Area/Town/Village) :

2. Possible Investment Opportunities :

3. Possible challenges :

4. Ways to reach the place :

(Rail, road, flight, waterway, etc connection information)

5. Reason for believing this would be a good investment opportunity :

6. Reference document / source (Optional but important) :
(Any article / document / information that is already available on this can be referenced here)

7. Remarks (Any other thoughts - optional) :

8. Courtsey (Optional - Idea presented by and any other information about the individual giving the ideas, like name, etc):


End of Template


If you know of any similar work already done, do let me know and I will reference it in my blog too. If you have any suggestions regarding the template, please do send them, they are most welcome.

If someone does not want to post her/his message here then they can email it to me and I will post it. But I would rather suggest that everyone posts it directly here. I am hoping that there will be a lot of inputs coming from everyone and if that is the case, I will consolidate the inputs into some sort of a document here for "Investing in Bihar"

I am confident that all of us are here because we want to support the growth in Bihar and hence urge you to take out this little time to contribute in the development of Bihar.


  1. Mr. Prashant,
    Greetings from myside!!!
    In todays era, most of the people are connected with each other via electronic mode like blogs,e mail,social networking are name a few.But how to use these in a better way for the upliftment and wellfare instead of only gossiping and buzzing,is really praiseworhty.
    I'm moved by your idea.i'm a MBA student currently learning nitty gritty of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in my curriculum and was thinking how it can be really implemented in our state which do really work(by knowing culture and environment of our state).And your idea is good in the sense to act on core competency and functionality of our state.I'm a basic resident of khagaria currently residing in Chandigarh welcome your option and making an urge to keep updating it.

    Amit Kumar

  2. Mr. Prashant,
    Greetings from myside!!!

    In today's era most of the people are connected with each other through electronic means like (blogs,email,social networking sites ,different e groups etc.)But most of the occasions they are involvied in gossiping, buzzing,and sharing one's opinion only,far from actually discussing the exact need and wellfare for our betterment.For this your initiative is praiseworthy.

    I'm moved by your idea,I'm a MBA student and currently learning nitty griity of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship,i was thinking how it can be implemented in our state(by knowing culture ,environment).But what you suggested it would be for our core competency and functionality,is really showing confidence that it is going to happen(Litchi,maize,wheat,foodgrains aided products,fertilizers etc.)
    I'm a basic resident of Khagaria and currently residing in Chamdigarh welcome your option and effort and request you to please keep it updating.

    Amit Kumar

  3. Dear Amit,
    Appreciate the emotions that are filled in these words of yours. I am sure today more and more people want to contribute to the growth of Bihar. Today people have to travel outside Bihar for higher education but with the efforts of the state government we should soon be able to get quality higher education in Bihar itself.

    I could read the dream in your eyes to consider entrepreneurial opportunities in Bihar and I would urge you to actively keep it in mind and weigh suitable opportunities that might come up. While you may or may not be able to immediately take up something soon after you MBA, I am sure enough opportunities will present itself as Bihar moves ahead on the way to progress.

    Do keep updating the comments as and when any idea comes to you.


  4. Thanks to Amit as he has come up with a business plan which is agriculture based. He has some brilliant thoughts and with some tweaking these thoughts can be converted into good entrepreneurial venture. What is required is some mentorship and guidance and maybe Amit himself can try out this venture once he graduates from his MBA college.

    I am posting the mail sent by Amit to me and will also post the business plan as a new blog item.

    Thanks Amit.

    From: amit kr []
    Sent: Sunday, March 01, 2009 1:56 AM
    Subject: Re: [Bihar's - Change in Destiny and Progress] New comment on Knowledge about entrepreneurial opportunities in B....

    Hi Mr. Prashant,

    I came to know about you at Biharbrains Yahoo group that you are currently pursuing MBA from Sunnyvale /California (USA) and a engineering graduate basically hails from Saran,Bihar.Nice to know about you.And really praiseworhty start from yourside despite that you are a student.Hats off to you.

    I want to let you know from myside.
    I'm basic resident of Khagaria,Bihar.Did graduation in Pharmacy (B.Pharm) at SBSPGI,Dehradun(Uttarakhand).Currently pursuing sectoral MBA at NIPER(National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research,A institue of National Importance under Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers,Government of India),Mohali,Chandigarh.

    As per our earlier discussion regarding start up venture in our Bihar,I'm sending you a short profile of a start up which can be executed if proper mentoring is there.The concept is presented in the format what you have given on the blog site Progressive Bihar Blog Site.
    Hope it will get some approach.

    Amit Kumar

    * Please find the attached pdf file presentation.

  5. Dear Amit,
    I read your idea and tried to analyse it which is my job.
    I am going as per your letter so please organise the thoughts later.
    The term FARAKIA arising out of FARAK reflects our simplicity.
    can you hint what sort of institutions are buying from your area to be more precise wheteher any foriegn buyers are there or only Indian if only Indian then wheteher companies like Emami, Nestle, ITC are buying directly or through agent/buyers, by answering this question you can get a lot of answers.
    Market regulated prices are not very helpful for farmers specially if the harvest is very good and the buyers are closely associated I mean to say typical buyers usually found in the rural area. But this problem can be negated by WRF scheme of RBI implemented suceesfully by some nationalised bank, but some banks like ICICI dont have this scheme for Bihar they have even stopped it in Bengal & Assam. Things will change and I hope by the time you pass out this will be a popular scheme.
    Please try to collect information about ware housing facilities in the area this can be one more oppurtunity.
    The second oppurtunity is that there is no processing unit in your area.
    I would like to correct you at one place, farmers are more than willing to cahnge, and this is my personal experience in Bihar. Our farmers understand things better only thing is how to win there faith.
    Your point (b) of challenges is not clear to me do you have any plan to start trading, if so I can give you some overseas and domestic buyers.
    Point (c) is not a problem but process only thing you should check is availability of power.
    I hope road conditions must be fine.
    There is no doubt in it that corn is highly useful.
    I am providing you a reference from where you can get further information.
    VOL 15, ISSUE 1, OCT 2007.
    Productivity comparison per hectare.
    INDIA : 2 TONS
    CHINA : 5 TONS
    US : 7.2 TONS.
    By this one more thing is clear we have lots of oppurtunities to improve the fields.
    Change the way of your farmers help them improve yield & profitability.
    Then choose the product : best and very acceptable product in minimum investment will be flakes etc.
    You can get more ideas from NIIR.NPCS MOFPI and APEDA and other sites.
    In my opinion you should try this path.
    1) I will organise free training for your farmers in organic fertiliser and techniques to improve productivity, this will help you gain there faith.
    2) Go for proper ware housing locally, if you have land you will very easily get finance for this and this will be a risk free stable business for you.I can provide you with report and also WRF later.
    3) Go for organised trading ie trading with importers and corporate.
    4) Take manufacturing franchisee of any reputed brand, this will help you in lot many ways.
    Sanjeev Srivastwa

    1. Hi sanjeev me at

  6. Hi Prashant,
    I'm late to respond you as i was quite busy in my examinations.Anyway,it is indeed a good response from some of fellows as i received through mail.I would also like to thank Mr.Sanjeev Srivastava,who has extracted some precious time from his schedule and give a 3 dimensional analysis to my idea.Actually i do believe that theoretical and practical exposure is having quite difference.What Mr.Sanjeev has given suggestion on this proposal, is really any one can believe its viability and practicality at execution level.I really appreciate his suggestions and in future would like to receive further suggestions and make it more viable.

    I'll post detailed information through mail to you.
    Thanking You
    Amit Kumar

  7. Hi Prashant,

    Congratulations for maintaining this wonderful and progressive blog.

    Regarding entrepreneurial opportunities in Bihar, I would like to direct you to one of the produce of Bihar's Darbhanga district. Its called "makhaana", and is widely grown in the million ponds of Darbhnaga and surrounding districts.

    This produce is quite popular in Mithila as an auspicious water-fruit, nevertheless, it has great opportunity for being marketed as "snacks" item. Currently, the system of growing it is very haphazard and processing is done manually only, leading to inefficient production chain.

    Opportunity lies over here in the form of:

    1) Organising the entire chain of production to processing.

    2) Marketing the product , outside Bihar. I believe it has the potential to bag a considerable share from the "bhujia" and "chips" market all over India.

    3) Product can be presented in several variants , i.e, raw, processed (fried), powdered ( for making custard like paste) .

    The only challenge I find in this regard is to get a consensus from all the stake holders, who are generally very suspicious of any such schemes. If a co-operative sort of structure could be formed, where stakeholders are dispersed in the group, it would be ideal.

    This article link below shows the business prospect this product has ( and is already in progress to some extent)

  8. Hi i m sachin from Aurangabad disst Bihar.i m new one here to join it.i am An MBA working as HR in Delhi i am very much interested to adopt and apply new business strategy for my state that could be any thing whether its agriculture or business or study.i want to shrug off my job and do something for my state ..if any one has any plan ? he is most welcome

  9. Hello everyone .I am Sachin From Aurangabad(Bihar) .i am new one here .i am an MBA(HR)..working with a MNC in Delhi.
    I want to leave my job and do something for my state in terms of anything like agricultural business or other educational business.plz guide and suggest me any business plan..i would appreciate it

  10. Hello,
    I have a blog, which discusses about creation of opportunities in small town. It has ideas in many sector if someone is interested to know about entrepreneurial opportunities.
    Here is link.


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