Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Elections, Politicians and Education

On a another note, I don't see the government taking any specific new steps for infrastructure or any other type of growth, because of the poll code of conduct coming into effect . So for the next two months, it would be a fruitful exercise to highlight some of the possible political dimensions and impacts that can have an effect on the future of Bihar. Hence I will be posting some relevant views where ever possible relating to the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections.

However everyone should take my views with a pinch of salt because like every other human being my views might be biased because of the perceptions I develop based on the events that are unfolding in Bihar.

This article in Hindustan Times caught my eye "Peep into qualifications of representatives from Bihar"

As per this article, Bihar was represented in the 14th Lok Sabha by some highly educated representatives especially when you consider the state of literacy in Bihar. Out of the 40 representatives in the Lok Sabha from Bihar, there were 34 who were at least graduates. Out of these thirty four, there were nineteen representatives who were either a postgraduate or had a technical degree like Engineering or MBBS or had a Ph D. Even out of the BAs/MAs , 9 had LLB degrees too.

So if I consider the total number of representatives in Bihar who had more than a graduation, then the number would sure be greater than 20 or more than 50%. Thus 50% of the members in the parliament from Bihar were highly educated in the 14th Lok Sabha. Many of them had been part of the 13th Lok Sabha too. There were only 3 representatives who were non-matric.

I therefore have a question... With so many educated representatives from Bihar, why is it that many of them have not done enough for Bihar's development. Why did these people, some of whom have been a MP for atleast 2 terms not think about the state? We thought education brought changes but does the Bihari politician prove this wrong? Or is it us, the people of Bihar who have given these politicians the free hand for not doing anything for Bihar?

In my view, it is time for the people of Bihar to reject any politician who has not added to the development of Bihar, irrespective of whether she/he is highly educated or less educated or not educated ... Reject all politicians who have not supported the growth of Bihar. Let the political community know that the people of Bihar will not accept any non-performers in Bihar.

I know it is not going to be easy and nor will it happen just because a handful of us think this way. But then the handful of us can be instrumental in getting across this message to a lot more people in Bihar. Are we willing to do so for Bihar?

The break up of the education of Bihar MPs are as follows

Non-matric: 3
Matriculate: 3
Intermediate: 3
BA: 12
MA: 13
Engineering: 2
Ph.D. 3

I would definitely love to find out what each one of the MPs has done for Bihar. If you do have any thoughts or ideas about the work done, specially if you have some links to relevant articles, please do post it, I would like to read about them. And I guess many others would want to do so too.

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