Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

US Intelligence article talks about India

“Annual Threat Assessment of the Intelligence Community for the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence”

This is the title of the report released by Dennis C. Blair, Director of National Intelligence, USA on the 12th February 2009.

I find this article really relevant as the hegemonic US today is openly acknowledging the growth of India. USA acknowledges that even though today it is the only centre of power, by 2025 the world will have 3 centres of power and considers India to be one of the three major economic centre of influence and power in the world. This was an interesting acknowledgement which came out in a report in November 2008. The report was prepared by the DNI for the President elect to appraise him of the possible future. I have the report somewhere and if anyone wants to read it, I can email it to you.

However the above report that I am talking about was released 3 days back has said some important things about India. To quote from the document

Rising Asia
As the terrorism and proliferation threats persist across the “arc of instability,” East and South Asia are poised to become the long-term power center of the world. China and India are restoring the positions they held in the eighteenth century when China produced approximately 30 percent and India 15 percent of the world’s wealth. These two countries are likely to surpass the GDP of all other economies except the United States and Japan by 2025, although the current financial crisis may somewhat slow the momentum.”

Indian Pragmatism
Like China, India’s expanding economy will lead New Delhi to pursue new trade partners, gain access to vital energy markets, and generate the other resources required to sustain rapid economic growth. To sustain rapid growth, Indian governments also must maintain the political support for economic reforms needed to drive the expanding economy.

On the global stage, Indian leaders will continue to follow an independent course characterized by economic and political pragmatism. New Delhi will not automatically support or oppose positions favored by the United States or any other major power.”

As we can see from the above, There is going to be a significant role that India will play in the global economy and I would love if Bihar played an important part in this growth. The all round focus that the state government in Bihar has today, gives me a lot of hope that Bihar will play a dominant role. With untapped resources and a lot of places which can be developed like Bangalore Hyderabad and other places, Bihar has a very strong role to play in India’s growth. It is up to us to guide more and more investments into Bihar so that Bihar can develop. To do this we want the government in Bihar to continue the efforts in improving infrastructure and Bihar as a whole. So I will support any government that is working for the development of Bihar and ignore those who do not have the well being of the people of Bihar in their mind.

I have provided the link for the report on my blog and home page for anyone who wants the report.

If anyone wants the US report from November 2008, olease let me know and I will post that too on my blog.


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