Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BSRCC and BSUIDC (Vehicles for infrastructure development in Bihar)

Bihar State Road Construction Corporation (BSRCC) and Bihar State Urban Infrastructure Development Corporation (BSUIDC):

These are the two names of corporations being setup in Bihar for development of Infrastructure, that were announced by the Bihar cabinet, in their first ever meet in a village (Barbhigha village in Begusarai) . While such corporations exist in other states of India from a very long time, the earlier governments in Bihar never focussed on developing infrastructure in the state and thus such vital organizations did not exist in Bihar. It remains to be seen how successful these organizations are but then its the right step in the right direction.

Similarly some other very growth oriented decisions taken were
1. Secondary Schools: All government secondary schools would now be upgraded to Plus Two. (I think this is a very important decision as this will increase the literacy and education levels for Bihar. This will create talents which can compete nationally and internationally, in turn improving the social structure of Bihar. Kudos to the Bihar government for taking this step. This shows that they are focussed on Bihar's progress and growth and taking necessary steps in key areas to improve Bihar in all areas)

2. Degree colleges: Besides, in 39 sub-divisions, where there are no constituent degree colleges, such colleges would be opened (Again ties up with my comments above. Many intelligent candidates and other candidates in general who could not get a better education because of non-availability of degree colleges in their local area and who came from poor family backgrounds, will now be able to look forward to a better education and get better success in life).

3. Unaided schools: Another decision was regarding financial assistance to unaided schools. Under a new formula, such help would be based on the number of students passing Class X from such schools. The schools would be given Rs 3,000 per successful student. (Step in the right direction)

4. Panchayat Sarkar Bhawans: The government has decided to construct 65 Panchayat Sarkar Bhawans, with each of them costing Rs 45.5 lakh, and will spend Rs 30.5 crore in the first phase during which such buildings will be constructed in Naxal-affected areas. (The government is also focussing in areas which have become naxal affected due to non-availability of means of livelyhood for many people. This will definitely increase employment and start the improvements for the people in these areas. At the sametime these Panchayat Sarkar Bhawans could possibly mature into village centres for economic growth)

Finally Begusarai also gained today as Begusarai town will be converted into a municipal corporation, thus bringing growth to this city and therefore the people in and around Begusarai town.

All are positive steps in the right direction and I feel very happy when I read such steps taken for the progress and development of Bihar.

More details about these developments can be found in the below articles from the Times of India website.

Important decisions taken today by Bihar cabinet :

Meeting in rural Barbigha in Begusarai, possibly the 1st of its kind in India:

please note: BSRCC and BSUIDC are nomenclatures put by me for ease of reference. It is not clear if Bihar government will also use such nomenclatures as there has been no mention about it and these are only my assumptions.

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