Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Monday, February 2, 2009

Entrepreneurship in Bihar

With the change in the policies of the Bihar government and focus on development, the entrepreneurship culture in Bihar is also picking up.

This was nicely highlighted in an article on India published on the 18th of December 2008 in the international newspaper The economist. Here is the link of that Article.

As Bihar progresses and the climate for investment is improving, we urge all people who could contribute to the progress or Bihar to contribute by way of investing in Bihar. These investments will contribute to the further development of Bihar.


  1. forget about getting a job in IT sector. I cannot see a single job being generated in bihar in last four years. Just the land prices have been artificially inflated in Patna as a sign of progress.

  2. Anonymous, I am sure you are disgruntled and talking about jobs or even IT jobs in Bihar.. that itself is a change atleast you are talking about it. I am sure, 10 years back, most people took it for granted that nothing could be done and hence not even talking about it.

  3. Do we have capital to invest? I think majority of us all over world are working class-workers, executive, expert professionals etc. Very few are Industrialist and you can count them on your finger. If Govt of Bihar can create agencies, this experise can be converted into low capital base manufacturing unit. I am making such suggestion to Govt related to my field of expertise and others too should do the same.

  4. Please forget about the past, what we have now just think of it, Be in present, never think of past..

    If this government is really working hard to change the Bihar,s face, then everyone should be known about the real development.. what is the basic need of a developing state?

    If you will think about it, then you will surely realize that rapairing roads with central government's funds, Distributing money for vote not for talent..

    Have you ever got any news that this government is investing how much on education(Basic- Primary to Higher Studies-Research).
    also this government doesnot have attention toward the quality of teaching in bihar..

    About 10-15 years ago most numbers of IAS were from bihar, vbut what happened to that the same Patna.

    Nothing is to be chnge dear, It is just Businees..
    Divide and Rule...

    1. Hi Samar,
      I am not sure if you are following all that is happening in Bihar on a day to day basis.

      Once you start doing, you would realize that more is happening than what you think. For starters , here is the link for an article which talks about how much the government is planning to invest on education

      Happy reading.


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