Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, January 29, 2012

1980 MW Thermal Power Plant @ Shivanpur in Aurangabad.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar laid the foundation stone for a 1980 MW capacity Thermal Plant at Shivanpur in Aurangabad on the 28th of January 2012. The power plant is being constructed by Nabinagar Power Generating Company Pvt. Ltd , a joint venture between NTPC and Bihar State Electricity Board. Salient features of this power plant are:

  1. The power plan is being contructed at an estimated cost of Rs. 12,965 crores.
  2. It will have 3 units of 660MW each in the first phase.
  3. Two more units of 660MW each will be constructed in the subsequent phases.
  4. The first phase is likely to be commissioned by 2015.
  5. Total land required for the project is 2,833 acres out of which 1,872 acres is private land.
  6. Farmers whose land has been acquired will get a compensation at the rate of Rs. 21 lakh per acre.
  7. Bihar will get 70% of the power generated by this power plant.
I think its a good step toward improving the electricity situation in Bihar and attracting more industries. I hope that the power plant doesn't face any delays and hickups that we are used to seeing in such large projects. We should also look at kick starting more power projects that can be completed faster so that Bihar can quickly fulfill the shortfall of electricity that it currently faces.

This Power project was first approved in early 2010 and the central government had also approved coal linkages in March 2010 (Coal linkage for two 660Mega Watts plants). However it has taken almost 2 years after clearing the coal linkages to move ahead on this project. The main hurdles on the way was getting a central government approval to use the water from Ganga for the power plant and the second hurdle was land acquisition.

Overall a good step in the right direction. More details about the Thermal power plant can be found in the Times of India article - Bihar big leap towards ‘power

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