Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

First Major MNC to arrive in Bihar

Molson-Coors-Cobra will be the first major MNC brand of products to be made in Bihar. Lord Karan Bilimoria - a member of the British House of Lords and President of the Indo-UK business council has decided to setup the first brewery of the Molson-Coors-Corba brand of beer in the outskirts of Patna. The fact that the beer market in Bihar has grown from 700,000 cases per year, five years back, to 7 million cases per year, combined with the improved law and order has brought these brands of beer to Bihar.

While beer might not have been the best thing to come to Bihar, it has a silver lining. Other industrial houses who have been sitting on the brink and hesitating to invest in Bihar would be more willing and forthcoming to take this step if Molson-Coors-Cobra brand of beers are manufactured in Bihar. This will give out the right signal to others to seriously consider investing in Bihar.

Hence I am hoping for more larger and strategic investments reaching Bihar in the shorter term.

More details on this article can be found in the Hindustan Times article Brisk beer sale inspires Bilimoria to set up brewery in Bihar



  1. Let me first congratulate Prashant for writing this blog. people like me who are staying away from Bihar are bound to like this as its providing lot of information about developmental news about our own Bihar....way to go...any industry coming to Bihar is going to be a big news and welcome till the investments are happening..cheers :-)

  2. Thanks Devesh. Appreciate your feedback.

  3. Thanks Prashant for providing such a delightful information about our progressive BIHAR. Though I am staying close to 3000 km from my native BIHAR, I have a great desire to see my state to grow and gives enough opportunity to my friends over there. And let me thanks all the organization who are taking initiative to come forward and show their interest in investment in BIHAR.

  4. Even helicopter services are also available in Patna now. You can add.

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