Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Coal linkage for two 660Mega Watts plants

The central government has approved coal linkages for 2 thermal power plants each with a capacity of 660 Mega Watts for Bihar (at Nabinagar). This has been a long outstanding demand of Bihar as even though many thermal power plants have been approved in Bihar, in the absence of coal availability, these plants could not be set. Thus this would be a good first step for fulfilling Bihar's power needs.

However the central government has not approved coal linkages or usage of Ganga waters for other power projects in Bihar. In comparison it has approved 4 such plants in already developed and advanced Maharashtra... While I try to be rationale, I am forced to think: Does this have to do with the power politics in the center :?: The Central government is of Congress while State government in Bihar is JD(U) and BJP... A point worth mulling over as the power generation is a must in the growth of Bihar.

More details can be read in the article Jaiswal approves fuel linkages to power units in Bihar, UP

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