Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nitish's visit to China

Everyone who follows Bihar and the developments in Bihar would know that Nitish Kumar is visiting China from today. However it is very interesting to read the comments put in by various people for the article "Nitish to visit China as Beijing impressed by Bihar" in the Times of India.

People have put in their views on whether Nitish has done anything or not, whether the growth has been enough or whether Nitish does more of PR exercises than development. Some say that development has not reached many places outside of some main cities. Others have enumerated how development is affecting people, how crime has reduced and girls can even walk in the late evenings and night without fear. So I did also put in my take on the comments which I am blogging on here too

These comments can be read here

My Post in Verbatim:
There are two sides of the coin... One is the view that nothing has happened and the other is that a lot has happened. From one perspective a lot still remains to be done in the rural remote corners of Bihar and not much development has reached there. From another perspective, Bihar is a sea change from what is was before 2005.

I am a firm believer that what has happened in the last 6 years is much more than what has happened in the last 20-25 years. Not anyone across India would have imagined the kind of change that has happened in these 6 years. However to reverse all the wrongs committed over 60 years it takes time and persistent efforts. Things happen step by step.

I am a strong believer that industries are required to accelerate Bihar's growth. However we have to cognizant of the fact that Bihar is primarily an agricultural economy with more than 70% people engaged in agricultural activities and any work done in the agricultural space are going to impact more people in Bihar than anything else. Hence both are important... Agriculture and Industries. What is wrong in trying to learn from other countries on agriculture when they have advancements in technologies that can produce twice thrice or more from the same piece of land than India does on a average.

All district head quarters are connected to Patna by good roads and the travel time is reduced to about 6 hours whereas it used to take upto 12 hours before. Now aren't these roads creating an avenue which will benefit the rural folks. So what if the funds came from the Center, why wasn't this done before? It is very shameful that we tend to take away credit from a person by giving flimsy reasons.

I would say then that any progress is good progress especially when this was not done by anyone before. We should leave our petty mindsets and support the government in its endeavors to improve and always question ourselves:
  1. Are we ourselves doing the same things that we expect the govt. to do in our lives in our own way???
  2. What are we doing and willing to do to accelerate the changes in Bihar or any other place that needs a change.
 Think ... Think... Think

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