Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Sunday, November 15, 2009

How should the people of Bihar react?

With the ongoing efforts of certain politicians in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and other states aimed against Biharis, that have lasted more than a year, a section of people from Bihar feel that one of the ways to react is by boycotting the products made in Maharastra to impact it economically and thus stop the rattle of the some of these politicians against Bihar and it's people.

In my view, it is a highly impractical and incorrect idea to boycott things made in Maharashtra. Some of the reasons for my belief are
  1. Maharashtra has a reasonable size of residing Biharis. All attempts to boycott goods made in Maharashtra is likely to affect Biharis especially the lower starta of people working in these industries as labourers, operators, etc
  2. A campaign run over emails and a couple of paper ads will not have much of an impact. A much larger campaign would be required which would entail enormous cost. Such a campaign is unlikely to succeed without the support of the Bihar Govt (which can never support this initiative openly).
  3. Doing so would mean that we are also reacting like these politicians:trying to hold a section of people at ransom. Even if our campaign in successful, we will end up bulling thes politicians and these governments which does not send out a positive signal for the people of Bihar. There will be more violance against the people of Bihar. Are we equipped today to offer jobs to thousands of people who would have to leave these state and return to Bihar?
  4. Infact other states might also start reacting unnecessarily against Biharis assuming that we might do a similar thing with those states. Afterall the image and respect for Biharis in various states has been at an all time low not too long ago.
  5. Finally Maharastra, MP and any other Indian state are as much a part of Sovereign India as is Bihar. People from all states, like Biharis, have the right to stay and involve in commercial activities in any part of India. No one has the right to damage/destroy any businesses run by any Indian in any part of India.

I would agree with some of the people who have said that rather than reacting against these states, we should rather focus on the development of Bihar. Creating self sufficiency in Bihar is the only way to improve the image of Bihar and command the respect that all Bihari people deserve.

Instead of focusing our efforts externally , let us focus our efforts internally.

  1. Let us get our major political parties to support the development efforts for Bihar rather than just trying to derail and criticize all efforts being currently made.
  2. I am highly surprised by the political party that was in power for 1.5 decades and responsible for taking Bihar to the drains. However they are quick to criticize all efforts (positive and negative) of the state today with the sole motive of making political gains. Undoing damage done over 15 years and more requires time to be undone and cannot be done in a short span of time. Hence let us try and influence such politicians, if possible, to contribute positively for the development and rise of Bihar.
  3. Various political parties are carrying out morchas, bandhs, etc to highlight that no development is taking place in the current regime. However 87% common people agree that development is happening in Bihar. So we should convince the common people of Bihar to not get carried away by such claims of political parties motivated by just political ambitions.
  4. Let us force everyone possible, to work for the development of Bihar.
  5. The Government of Bihar had drawn ambitious plans to bring the GDP growth rate of Bihar on par with India's GDP growth rate of 8% in the 11th Plan. It had also drawn plans to increase the GDP of Bihar, which stood at Rs. 39,330 crores at the end of the 10th five year plan (2006), to Rs. 99,700 crores at the end of the 11th five year plan (2007-2012) i.e. in 2012. However, as of 12th Nov 2009 itself, the GDP of Bihar stood at Rs 1,05,148 crores. Doesnt this mean that the Government of Bihar is doing good work? So why not support it and strengthen it?

Let us force the rest of India and the rest of the world to give the due respect to us Biharis by our actions, our growth and most importantly the growth and flourishment of Bihar. That is in my opinion the best way to respond to petty politicians who talk or raise slogans against Biharis and Bihar.


  1. Dear Prashant Jee

    The first part regarding Maharashtra and M.P., I have nothing to say much, because we must invest our energy in positive area. Maharashtra (Thakreys) are just doing the right thing i.e. APNE PAIR PAR KULHARI KHUD MAAR RAHE HAIN. Because they are doing the same thing what Idi Amin did in Uganda. In short, he did the same thing with Indians esp. Gujaratis living in Uganda like Thakreys in Maharshtra but what happened to Uganda, after the migration of Indians from Uganda, Ugandanian Economy crumbled, which was once considered as one of the best economically developed nation in Africa. BUS MAHARASHTRA BHI APNI MAUT KHUD MAR JAYEGA.Look at US and UK, why these countries are so developed, because they have best brains available from all over the world.

    In second part your suggestions are extremely good, And I also want to request all my dear friends associated with this group or that group that they must take some initiative in this regard. We must support this government and tell this thing to people related to Bihar. (for details read the mail of Prashant Jee)


    Ravi Verma

  2. Dear Ravi Jee,
    Thank you for your email.

    I think the crux is to focus on Bihar's development rather than trying to adversly impact others. If Bihar prospers, we prosper. I would want to see a day when people from other states flock to Bihar for job opportunities and for leading a peaceful life. And I am sure if the progress in Bihar is supported by everyone for the next 5-10 years, no one can stop Bihar from becoming one of the most prosperous state of India.

    Still a lot has to improve in the bureaucracy in Bihar. For example - the Chief Minister's secretariat and the information technology department people are very quick to respond to emails which is a good sign of change. However there are other departments, for example the tourism department who do not care to respond to multiple emails. Thus a lot has to improve but I am happy with the improvements that have taken place. Who could have thought 4 years back that so much can change positively for Bihar. Thus we all have to expedite the improvements by supporting development tasks as and when possible.

    I am eagerly waiting for the 4th annual progress report of Bihar government which will highlight the changes achieved in the last one year.



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