Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Criminal backgrounds Politician in assembly bye elections 2009

An interesting statistics was published by National Election Watch (Association for democratic reforms). Thanks to Dr. V. N. Sharma for sharing the statistics with us.

As per the statistics
  • Maximum no of candidates with pending criminal charges contesting elections are from Bihar (45 out of 123, 36.49 %). It is followed by Gujarat where 9 (out of 24, 37.50%) candidates have pending criminal charges against them.
  • Of the political parties, INC has fielded 13 (out of 31, 41.94%) candidates with pending criminal charges. It is followed by RJD 9 (out of 12, 75%). BJP & JD (U) have fielded 5 candidates each (out of 17 & 11, 29.41% & 45.45% respectively) with pending criminal charges
  • There are 15 candidates with murder and attempt to murder charges pending against them. Out of these 13 are from Bihar and 1 each is from Delhi & Gujarat.

The detailed document has been uploaded at Contestants with Criminal backgrounds (Assembly bye elections 2009)

I think it is time again for people of Bihar to come out and not vote for candidates who have a pending criminal case against them or are criminals. I know some good politicians with false criminal cases might suffer due to this but for the bigger cause of Bihar's development we will have to make a sacrifice.

Let us all decide and influence as many people as possible to not vote for politicians with pending criminal cases or who are criminals.

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