Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up

Progressive Bihar - Finally the sleeping giant is waking up
Progressive Bihar - Come support it's growth path.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Investment proposals since 2006 in Bihar: Progress of Bihar

The Bihar State Investment Promotion Board (SIPB) has cleared (or cleared with conditions) 194 investment projects worth more than 115,000 crore rupees (over 23 billion dollars). These projects include

26 Thermal, biogass and solar power plants
25 sugar mills
34 agricultural/food processing units
18 steel and cement plants

Some existing manufacturing facilities are also being augmented.

However many of the projects have not kickstarted as there are delays in land acquisitions, other governmental clearances (like environment), etc. These controls from governmental agencies are good for Bihar's future but at the same time the delays in approvals or rejections have to be reduced. Otherwise we will see many of these investment proposals moving from Bihar to the other states, which will not be good for Bihar.

Nitish Kumarji, do expedite clearance of the projects (if they are pending for political and corrupt reasons) with various ministries/governmental agencies. These projects should be cleared based on the legality and correctness of the investment proposals and how much they can benefit or cause harm to the people of the region. More the time taken, more the chances of corruption and unfair practices. Fulfill your 2015 dream of a developed Bihar.

For all who are interested, the entire list of proposal is posted on the Bihar government website and also on

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